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Don’t Believe Me Just Watch

Watches aren’t just for telling time any more.


With the rise of mobile devices, we streamline everything on the go. People can get updates on sports scores, movie times, and send messages to people on the fly. What happens when that person on the go needs a shortcut to that information? They’ll get a shortcut for that.

When you need to find out the time people usually just look at their watch. What about status updates, text messages, or phone calls? It’s handy that we have phones that can do all of that and more, but sometime you maybe in a hurry somewhere, or like me at work and school all day.There are now smart watch’s that relays text messages and alerts from your phone to your wrist. You will never miss a call again.

Some people don’t seem to like the idea of smart watches. I’ve recently came across someone with a Pebble smart watch and now I’m sold.


According to the Pebble site it can:

If you need to stay on top of things, Pebble can help with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts. Dismiss a notification with a shake of your wrist. Don’t worry, it’s easy to disable all notifications.

  • Incoming Caller ID
  • Email (Gmail or any IMAP email account)
  • SMS on both Android and iPhones
  • iMessage (iOS only)
  • Calendar Alerts
  • Facebook Messages
  • Twitter
  • Weather Alerts
  • Silent vibrating alarm and timer

So for anyone on the go, this watch can keep you updated and you don’t even have to pull your phone out. This is perfect for me because if I’m not at school/library, I’m at work.  I’m usually in an environment where pulling out my phone every couple of minutes is not ideal, and having this phone will not only help me out but I’ll look like James Bond.

I know a lot of people like staying updated on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, now with the pebble people can see who liked their comments or retweeted them without pulling out their phone. Now granted that this is just an extra screen for your phone, you wont be able to reply to messages. You will still have to pull out your phone to figure out why your cousin tagged you in a post that has nothing to do with you. Maybe in a couple of years, when the technology is perfected we can have full fledged phones on our wrist.


Pebble runs for about $150,and can be ordered from their main website, or you can pick one up from BestBuy. With social media getting bigger every couple of months, this device can definitely keep you up to date.


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