Posted October 10, 2013 by Chris Reincher in Gaming

Toys R Us Xbox One Video Removed Due To Comments






This is why we can’t have nice things.


Toys”R”Us was forced to remove it’s Xbox One demo video from YouTube today due to the enormous amount of obscene and racist comments.




The video highlighted the Xbox One as part of the company’s “Fabulous 15″ list but was quickly attacked by internet trolls giving it thumbs down votes and users leaving profane and racist remarks. Comments were later disabled for the video and then it was completely removed.

Comment moderation on websites should be moderated a bit more in my opinion. I agree in free speech, but I also agree that free speech shouldn’t incite hatred and racism. Does this mean that we need internet police? As much as I like my freedom of the internet, I’d love for some order on the internet. No matter how much you may dislike something or someone, you should never stoop down to racism.

I believe that eventually Toys R Us will post the video back up, but will likely disable the comments.

It looks like the internet has some growing up to do.

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