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Should I Play That Episode 2

In this episode Chris and Rod talk about what they've been playing recently, their impressions on this summers hottest betas, and their most disappointing game of the year so far.


Should I Play That Episode 1

Finally back with another podcast! (more…)


Sony’s new take on its “Social Network”

Its like the social network, but with video games. (more…)


WhindowShopper Helps You Find The Best Deal

Saving money hasn't been any easier. (more…)


Toys R Us Xbox One Video Removed Due To Comments

          This is why we can't have nice things. (more…)


S Rank- Steam Machines

Rod is back and the guys chat about Steamboxes. (more…)


Don’t Believe Me Just Watch

Watches aren't just for telling time any more. (more…)


SRank-“Update Episode”

The guys come back for a quick update. (more…)


Sony Unveils New Headset

Sony announces new HMZ headset to jump into the VR race. (more…)


S Rank 5/20: The Nextbox Cometh

Chris, James, and Rod gives their pre-microsoft conference impressions on the nextbox.


SRank 2/26/13: PSQuad and Bioshock??

In this episode the crew talks about Fire Emblem, pacing in RPG's, and the PlayStation 4.   Leave a comment and share the podcast with friends!!


S Rank 02-15-13



SRank 2-08-13

S-Rank   Show Notes: Whatcha Been Playing Trailer Talk Injustice Bioshock Infinite News of the Week Next gen to be unveiled rumors Next gen pricing models New Releases Close Show


Should I Watch That?

WBW -- Paranormal Activity 4/Warm Bodies TrailerTalk -- Fast & Furious 6 News -- J.J. Abrams directing next Star Wars Discussion -- Preview of 2013 films


Sorry To Keep You Waiting V2

We Are finally back!!! (more…)


S Rank 1-25-13

Show Notes: Whatcha Been Playing Trailer Talk Nintendo Direct News of the Week Dead Island Riptide “Zombie Bait” RIP THQ Leaked Orbis Specs New Releases  


Should I What Watch That: MOTY 2012

Chris and Rod chat about their favorite movies coming out of 2012.


Mass Effect 3 Review

With the end of one of gaming's most critically acclaimed trilogies, does Bioware deliver an ending the Mass Effect universe deserves or has Electronic Arts made everything they touch turn into a pile of cow pies? *Disclaimer: Reviewed on the Xbox 360*   Story: The universe is on the brink of extinction thanks to a sapient race known as "The Reapers."  All of this drama has been building up through two games and Commander Shepard is still the one running around trying to get the entire universe that the Reapers are real.  Now that the Reapers are attacking every single species in the universe, the universe has no choice but to listen to Shepard.  Despite the apparent danger, the other species were not willing to unite and take on the Reapers.  With that said, Shepard has to be peace maker and unite the species to fight the Reapers who threaten to doom the entire universe. We begin the story on Earth.  Everything se...

Box Office Numbers

Weekend Box Office for March 9-11th

This weeks top ten: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax- $38,8 M John Carter- $30,1 M Project X- $11,1 M Act of Valor- $6,9 M Silent House- $6,6 M A Thousand Words- $6,1 M Safe House- $ 4,8 M The Vow- $3,8 M This Means War - $3,7 M Journey 2: The Mysterious Island- $3,6M   John Carter opened up this weekend with a poor second place with 30.1 Million. So far the buzz for this Sci-Fi movie has been lukewarm due to complaints about  uneven plot pacing. With other movies similar to John Carter opening up with stronger numbers, many critics consider it to be a flop.  


Expand your Pallet

Recently I had a chat with some of the guys in MediaBeast and the topic of motion controllers, and I realized something about gamers. We are picky people....It's sometimes worse than my aunt trying to feed my 2 year old cousin.   I look at gaming like food. Some food you might have to get an acquired taste to enjoy it. Or sometimes if you eat one type of food, like organic food, it may be hard to turn back to junk food, because you feel that it is the right food to eat. On the other hand you have people who only eat "healthy" food and when someone with junk food comes along then that person just won't eat it, hell they might look down on people who don't eat the food that they eat. I feel that sometimes you might want to eat that bag of potato chips every so often. Treat your self to something different. You shouldn't eat only one food group, that's why we have a food pyramid. Oh wait they changed it...