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Should I What Watch That: MOTY 2012

Chris and Rod chat about their favorite movies coming out of 2012.


Mass Effect 3 Review

With the end of one of gaming's most critically acclaimed trilogies, does Bioware deliver an ending the Mass Effect universe deserves or has Electronic Arts made everything they touch turn into a pile of cow pies? *Disclaimer: Reviewed on the Xbox 360*   Story: The universe is on the brink of extinction thanks to a sapient race known as "The Reapers."  All of this drama has been building up through two games and Commander Shepard is still the one running around trying to get the entire universe that the Reapers are real.  Now that the Reapers are attacking every single species in the universe, the universe has no choice but to listen to Shepard.  Despite the apparent danger, the other species were not willing to unite and take on the Reapers.  With that said, Shepard has to be peace maker and unite the species to fight the Reapers who threaten to doom the entire universe. We begin the story on Earth.  Everything se...

Box Office Numbers

Weekend Box Office for March 9-11th

This weeks top ten: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax- $38,8 M John Carter- $30,1 M Project X- $11,1 M Act of Valor- $6,9 M Silent House- $6,6 M A Thousand Words- $6,1 M Safe House- $ 4,8 M The Vow- $3,8 M This Means War - $3,7 M Journey 2: The Mysterious Island- $3,6M   John Carter opened up this weekend with a poor second place with 30.1 Million. So far the buzz for this Sci-Fi movie has been lukewarm due to complaints about  uneven plot pacing. With other movies similar to John Carter opening up with stronger numbers, many critics consider it to be a flop.  


Expand your Pallet

Recently I had a chat with some of the guys in MediaBeast and the topic of motion controllers, and I realized something about gamers. We are picky people....It's sometimes worse than my aunt trying to feed my 2 year old cousin.   I look at gaming like food. Some food you might have to get an acquired taste to enjoy it. Or sometimes if you eat one type of food, like organic food, it may be hard to turn back to junk food, because you feel that it is the right food to eat. On the other hand you have people who only eat "healthy" food and when someone with junk food comes along then that person just won't eat it, hell they might look down on people who don't eat the food that they eat. I feel that sometimes you might want to eat that bag of potato chips every so often. Treat your self to something different. You shouldn't eat only one food group, that's why we have a food pyramid. Oh wait they changed it...

App of The Week

App of The Week: Sleep Cycle

We all hate waking up for school or work after a great or terrible night of gaming with your buddies or playing with that guy that calls you a homo for using the USAS-12. Waking up in the morning sucks. This semester I'm in classes from 9am to 10pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and one class on Friday and I also have work on the days where I'm not at school. This schedule would stop most normal people from playing videos games at night or even try to run a blog. Alas I am no normal person if you haven't figured this out yet. Not only do I play video games, I also have to study for my school work too. So now you're probably thinking, "Wow this guy must really hate waking up in the mornings then", and to be honest you're correct. I actually hated waking up in the morning, but I have found out something that has recently made waking up in the mornings a breeze. There is an app on iTunes called "Sleep Cycle", and how it works is pretty...

Video Game Reviews

What is… The Hype Review Series

What is the Hype Review System? This is MediaBeast's new video review system on YouTube. What we are trying to do with this new review series is capture the excitement or disappointment that a gamer typically has with a game. We split the series into three parts: Part One: Hype Up! Part Two: The Morning After Part Three: When The Smoke Clears   Part One: Hype Up! What this episode captures is the initial hype up that we are feeling for that particular game. Before a game is released, people generally have a level of excitement towards a game. This is due to how well the game is advertised, whether it has a demo, and the general buzz for the game. When we do our Hype Up! Episodes we will: Give our Likes/Dislikes Give our"Hype Level" for the game. Give Release Date Info The Hype Level is scaled from zero out of five. Zero being someone being hyped for Elmo Counts to Three, and five being someone being hyped ...

Box Office Numbers

Weekend Box Office Numbers January 27-29th

Who said that movies in January can't do well in the box office?   This Week’s Top Ten   1. The Grey-$20,000,000 2. Underworld Awakening-$12,500,000 3. One for the Money-$11,750,000 4. Red Tails- $10,400,000 5. Man on a Ledge-$8,300,000 6. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close-$7,145,000 7. The Descendants-$6,550,000 8. Contraband-$6,500,000 9. Beauty & the Beast 3D-$5,345,000 10. Haywire-$4,000,000 *est. numbers   The Grey did pretty well for its opening weekend. It opened up with around $20,000,000, beating out Underworld and Red Tails. I guess seeing Liam Neeson do a portrayal of Bear Grylls taking on the wild excited people enough to see his movie. I'm a little surprised that Red Tails fell to #4 already. I'm guessing that anyone that was hyped to see it probably saw it opening weekend. Let’s see how much longer it can star relevant and stay in the top 5.  

Impluse of The Week

Impulse of The Week: Sonic Steam Sale Weekend

Steam got me again... Damn It... I think my impulsion started with me finding out about steam.... Let me go back and remember....   This past weekend Steam put all of their Sonic games on sale. I already picked up Sonic Generations this past Holiday Steam sale. I got Sonic Generations and Bastion for 15 bucks. Yeah that's a full retail game and one of the best indie games of 2011 for 15 dollars. Oh and if you're not american here is the conversions for you. 15 Dollars in US currency = 11.5253 EURO 9.63642 GBP [British Pound] 14.2576 AUD [Australian Dollar] 751.238 INR [Indian Rupee] 1,154.86 JPY [Japanese Yen]   So, I'm hoping you get it now. I'm loving that I can get these classic games for so cheap. Now before you tell me,"Ha look at this noob, he could have totally pirated the game for free". And I reply to this by saying. F*** you! I'd rather support the gaming industry by paying ...

Movie Editiorials

Nolan, Don’t Let Me Down

I have faith in Nolan, but I really hope he won't let me down this summer with The Dark Knight Rises . During last nights taping of SIWT, I surprised my co-hosts by wanting to ban the full discussion of The Dark Knight Rises. Luckily for me Shannon[other half of the SIWT team] wasn't present. She would have pulled a Bane on me and broke my back. Let me explain why I wanted to ban it. I really hate hyping up myself of something and then having that experience not live up to what I was expecting, such as watching the Atlanta Falcons in the playoff's, or finally playing a game that took forever to release like Duke Nukem Forever, or worst of all my prom night. Oh God.... just had flashbacks... Don't ask... Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Batman fan, but I just don't want to over hype myself because in doing so I find myself always ruining the experience. Nolan has redeemed and took the Batman franchise to a whole new ...


PSVita and PS3 3DTV Hands On Impressions

With the PSVita being released next year, we  recently had a chance to try it out at Discovery Mills. Three of us at MediaBeast met up to check it out and give our impressions on the PSVita and the PS3 3DTV. When we met up we were asked "Oh so are you interested in our new handheld? Let me talk to you guys about its features". And that's when we all in unison looked at the guy and told him," Oh WE KNOW about the Vita". The guy then looked at us like...   Right now Arec and I will give our impressions now and Josh will give his impressions during the GPR Year in Review episode.   Chris Blackhorn:   With Apple taking over the handheld market, the question I 've been getting recently been getting is "Should I buy an iPad or wait for the PSVita?" While the iPad is a great device, the iPad is not a gaming device. If you are a gamer or if you are buying for a gamer,then the PSVita will be the d...


My Thoughts On Battlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3

Now that MW3 is finally out I am constantly being asked “What game is better, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3?” Well here is my verdict…. THEY ARE BOTH FUN GAMES!   I believe that competition is a great thing, hell who does not love a good fight? Coke vs. Pepsi, Red Sox vs. Yankees, LeBron VS Getting a Championship... oh wait, sheeeeeeet I took it too far.... Competition keeps developers on their toes and makes them make us great games. I commend DICE and EA for trying to step up to the plate to try to de-rail Call of Duty from the FPS throne. Even though DICE stopped trash talking once Battlefield rolled around, all is forgiven, I love your game DICE. Despite having a messy open beta and having over 2 million people playing pirated copies opening week, Battlefield has won over a big crowd of gamers who are feeling gaming fatigue from the CoD series. By focusing on objective based gameplay, destructible enviro...


Impulse of the Week

I have a problem. (more…)


Batman Arkham City Review

Developer: Rocksteady Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360 *reviewed on the PS3 Genre: Action Adventure, Stealth Modes: Single Player Rating: T   [youtube][/youtube]   BeastNotes: Batman is back, and boy is he pissed! I don't blame Batman for being pissed this time around, he easily took Game of the Year in Arkham Asylum, but this year he has his work cut out for him competing against Call of Duty, Battlefield, and many others. If you enjoyed Arkham Asylum in some form or fashion than Batman: Arkham City is for you. Rocksteady has somehow took everything that made Arkham Asylum an amazing game and made it even better. The combat is still a blast to play around with, I found myself getting the combat system down pat pretty quickly and once you find out to get through a street fight in this game without getting hurt, then th...


The Avengers Preview Added To Captain America Blu-Ray

Watch it here just in case you missed it at the end of Captain America.  (more…)


Don’t Over Hype Yourself This Fall

Sometimes you might just have to take a break. (more…)


Dead Island Review

Who do you VooDoo? (more…)


Random Thought About Gaming “Journalism”

Notice I used the quotations.  (more…)


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Deus Ex was once considered the best action RPG of all time. Does this prequel live up to the hype? (more…)


Get Ready To Start Shopping Online More Often

Recently GameStop pulled free OnLive Deus Ex codes out of its new packaging, and then claimed that they don't want to promote another service because they were planning on starting their own. It's clear that everyone is now looking into getting their feet wet in the digital distribution market. (more…)


RedrappeR Interview

Who is RedrappeR? He is a rap artist from Southern California, responsible for the EVO 2K10 Intro videos, and the new SSFIV 3DS Commercial! (more…)