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End of the Line for Firefox 3.5

  Mozilla plans to automatically update the 12 million users of Firefox 3.5 to a newer browser version next month. This is the first time Mozilla forces users to update an outdated version of Firefox. Firefox 3.5 was released in June 2009, and has now reached “End of Life”. Three weeks ago, Mozilla released the last security update for the browser that will soon be history. (more…)

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T-Mobile Now Buying Your Old and Busted Phones Back

  If you're a T-Mobile subscriber, you can now trade in that gross old flip thing for something a big boy phone. (more…)


GPR: “Brink Stinks, PSN Finally Respawns!”

[caption id="attachment_60" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="GPR Show"][/caption] In this weeks GPR episode Rod from “Should I Watch That” and BlackHulk from “The Reactor” joins the party to talk about Brink, the PSN revival, and their LA Noire preview.   [powerpress]


Check Out Our New Forums

We FINALLY Launched our Forums! (more…)


10 Worst Mothers In Video Game History

  While we in the RL thank our Moms, lets go back and list the worst Moms in Gaming History. (more…)


The Reactor -001- “Conspiracy Theory”

  Our 1st Taped episode of The Reactor! (more…)

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Sony reveals two PlayStation Suite-compatible Android tablets

Well it seems that two more PlayStation Suite-compatible devices are joining the Xperia Play. (more…)

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Sony Now Has A PlayStation Tablet

  Sony has today unveiled its first tablet device that will be capable of (officially) playing PlayStation games. (more…)


GPR Season Finale

  This is our Final Show on BTR! (more…)

MediaBeast Show

MediaBeast Show Series Finale

In our Final MediaBeast Show We Talk About Smallville Season 10 What Sony Needs To Do To Keep This Year Up Why this is the series finale [powerpress]

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Anonymous Vs. YouTube

  Sigh... They're at it again (more…)

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Rumor: iPhone 5 set for September release

  We know that Apple has their big conference scheduled to hit right when we're at E3 this year, but new rumors say that they won't be announcing the new hardware then. (more…)

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Windows 8 Leak

  An early copy of Windows 8 leaked to the Internet this week and enthusiasts have been digging their way through the various new bits in Microsoft’s next-generation operating system. (more…)

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Dell Alienware m18x and Alienware m14x coming 19 April

  Dell is getting ready to launch it's Alienware m18x and Alienware m14x gaming laptops, Pocket-lint has learnt. (more…)


Should I Watch That Episode 1

  This is the first episode of Should I Watch That, or SIWT for short with Cliff & Rod. They'll go over upcoming releases and past movies that may or may not have hit the mark. They will help you decide if if you should watch it. In Tonights Episode Green Lantern Trailer Our Most Anticipated Movies for 2011 Source Code Review [audio:SIWT_4_11.mp3]      


Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Ep. 1 (Brand new live action MK series!)

Hollywood messed up passing this up, they need to get their heads out their asses. (more…)


New Pokemon Manga

Wait, What? (more…)

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iPod Touch 5G Leaked – 128 GB – No-Physical Home Button!

  According to Crunch Gear, iPod touch 5G Images have been leaked in the wild with non-physical home button (more…)

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Firefox 5 Release Date and New Features

The development of the next version of the browser Mozilla, Firefox 5, is occurring at a frenetic pace. (more…)


GPR Show 3/27/2011

Tonight Chronos and Scalade will be hosting the show. We will be talking about the 3DS launch, PS3 hackers and how sony is getting out of hand, and what will be the top shooter at the end of the year. (more…)