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Should I Watch That — Ep. 15

Hey everyone looks like its that time of the week again. What time you ask? SIWT time of course! This week Shannon will be running the show due to Roddy's busy schedule this week, but we missed him dearly on this great episode. This week we had a short show filled with some trailer talk of the new Avengers trailer, The Raven, and Happy Feet 2. And then we went into some interesting Movie and TV news including, Quikster being no more, Wolverine getting a PG13 AND R version, and some crazy lady suing FilmDistrict for the "Misleading" Drive trailer. Yeah, I know. But anyway hope you enjoy this weeks episode of SIWT. SHOWNOTES Whatcha Been Watchin’ Josh - Thundercats, Young Justice, Bones, Glee, Fast Five James - Breaking Bad Shannon - The Walking Dead, Real Steel TrailerTalk The Avengers The Raven Happy Feet Two News Javier Bardem confirms villain in Bond 23 Johnny Depp news: Disney Close to Reviving Johnny Depp’s Th...

Easter Egg

GPR Easter Egg – “Gears of War 3”

Hey guys trying something new this week. To make sure that you all get all the content you deserve we've decided to give you Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs are anything that we didn't get to talk about in the last episode. This week James and Roddy go in-depth into their Gears of War 3 experiences and tell you all their first impressions. Enjoy! Leave a comment on what you guys think.  

Nintendo DS

Pokemon Black/White Review

Has the vast world of Pokemon come into a new golden age or were we delivered the same game that we usually get?  (more…)



GPR – “Handhelds failing, More Black Ops DLC, and this years EVO Results”

We're back with another episode of GPR this week we talked about the handheld market disasters, Borderlands 2 being announced, the Diablo 3 auction house, and a few other things. Let's get into the show. (more…)


Check Out This New Anime: Thundercats Episode 1-2

Deciding to take a crack at an Anime Review for once. Today I will be reviewing the very 1st episode of the revamped Thundercats Series is currently shown on Cartoon Network. HOOOOOOOOOO! (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 30

Hey guys, today's award will be going to the game with the "Greatest Boss Fight of All Time"  Now I'm going to cheat a bit on this one but I believe most of you will agree that this game definitely deserves this award. (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 29

Gettin down to the final days of the month, but there are a few awards left to give out! Today's award will be going to the "Game you though you wouldn't like, but ended up loving" Long name? Sure. But the game I chose well deserves it. (more…)


31 Days in Gaming: Day 28

Today on 31 Days in Video games we will be giving out the award to who we think is the "Best Game Developer" (more…)


31 Days of Gaming: Day 26

Gettin' close to the end of the series, but we're not done yet! We've still got a few more awards to give out for you guys. So today's award is going to "Best Voice Acting". Easy. (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 24

Hey there guys here's another award for the 31 Days of Video Games. Today's award will be for "Favorite Classic Video Game". This one is for all the gamers my age. (more…)


GPR – “It’s…..Bastion. Please play Bastion”

Yay for another great episode of GPR!! This week our boss Mr. Blackhorn is on a break due to immense amounts of stress so we thought it would be a great time to allow James to host his first show. This week we talked about great Downloadable games like Limbo, Bastion and the highly anticipated From Dust. And we hit a few topics on the gaming news coming out of Comic-con. Hope you enjoy the show as much as we did. Show Notes Intro Song and Pre-show Go around the room Introduce Guests [1:07]   Whatcha been playing? Rod[2:15] Josh[10:08] Clif[12:40] James[18:27]   Game Gossip and Speculation Nolan North teases big announcements for Uncharted 3  tomorrow at Comic-Con [24:35] Capcom still re-designingDante for DmC[27:05] Is this really Dante[32:45] [Break] [37:55] This Week In Gaming Releases Major Releases This Week- Catherine [PS3,360] Single player[38:17] From Dust [...


31 Days of Video Games: Day 21

It's finally day 21 for the 31 Days of Video Games Challenge!!  I bet you're wondering why I'm so exited. Well today's category happens to be one I couldn't wait to do. So lets get into it. "Video Game with the best story." (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 20

Here's another category from the 31 Days of Gaming Challenge. Today we will be giving out the award for "Favorite Video Game Genre" (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 19

Day 19 already? Man were just runnin on through these things. Well hey there everyone here's Day 19 of 31 Days of Video Games. "Picture of a game universe you wish you lived in" (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 17

Josh Clockwork here coming at you with another day in the 31 Days of gaming. Today I will be naming my Favorite Antagonist in the video game world. (more…)


GPR – “To Catherine or not to Katherine?”

Hey er'body, here's this weeks episode of GPR. This week we will be talking about the epic new Kirby game coming out, EA Games buying PopCap, an intriguing ESA Gaming study, and where the hell did Megaman go? (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 10

Its that time of the week again, coming at you with another 31 Days of Gaming. Today is Day 10 and that means the category is "Gaming system of choice". Today we have plenty of gaming systems to choose from to entertain ourselves. You’ve got the major systems such as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintento Wii and the portables the Nintendo DS and PSP. Oh and let’s not forget our ever so fun PC Gamers. So as you can see with there being so many different systems you would think that there are plenty of differences among them. Thus creating a lot of people with certain……… preference to each system. Some like the Wii and others like the 360. But when you get down to it for me, I have to go with the PS3. Now before you call me a fanboy, I’m not. I happen to own all 3 major systems and like all of them. I just have that preference to a PS3. There are plenty of reasons why I would rather play a game on my PS3 rather than my...


31 Days of Video Games: Day 9

Hey everybody, it's a new day so you know what that means an new award! So here's Day 9: Saddest Video Game Scene (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 8

So today on the 31 Days of gaming we bring to you Day 8: Best Soundtrack (more…)