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Is the Used Game Market really a threat?

Are used game sales really putting a hurt on game developers? Or are people complaining just to complain? (more…)


Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Pre-game

With the Uncharted 3 Beta right around the corner, I thought everyone should be prepared for the onslaught. Here's a few details and tips on the beta to make sure your ready. (more…)


Tekken Movie Announced – Tekken: Blood Vengeance

A CG Feature title has been announced to join the Tekken family. Blood Vengeance! (more…)


Are we Gamers getting Overpriced?

How come everytime I try to cancel a subscription to something(Gamefly, Xbox LIVE) they offer me a price that seems closer to what it should be? (more…)


Upcoming Artist: B*Right

    Heres a new an upcoming group that I know personally. B*Right (more…)


Mass Effect anime announced by EA and FUNimation

It's as the title says folks EA and FUNimation are teaming up to create a Mass Effect Anime for 2012. (more…)


Live-Action Mortal Kombat: Legacy Launching Next Week

Remember that Live-Action Mortal Kombat Trailer? Well they're making a short film series for it now! Heres a clip. (more…)