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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 7

So the anime has gotten back to the story and it's delivering quality action. But tell me, why am I still unsatisfied? (more…)

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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 6

Never know what you have until it's gone, right? Well after Tandoji screws up with Aiba, she's kidnapped and look like Tandoji might have to be a lone hero. How did all this happen?! (more…)

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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 18

Man, if demons were real, in the form of temptation, how screwed up would our lives be? Chaotic. Blue Exorcist delivers and almost excellent episode that I did not see coming.  (more…)

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Episode Review: No.6 01

This anime looks nice. Story looks like it can become strong. Interesting main character, but unfortunately, it is only the first episode. A genius kid living in a world which is different from what he thinks. (more…)

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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 4

Really? After that nice job in episode 3, Sacred Seven delivers and episode that everybody could done without. Complete disappointment. (more…)

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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 3

Great job. This episode gets an A for action and creativity but still holds that C for a story. I guess this is just a show not tell anime. (more…)

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Episode Review: Kamisama Dolls 1

I just love my mechas, but after watching some of the best, I do not think this one is going to cut it. "Kamisama Dolls", looks like an average anime but I am not even so sure if I want to watch the next episode. (more…)

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Episode Review: Blood-C 5

This is the most intense episode yet, but the people still want more. Saya seems to be handling some serious mental problems. While she has to worry about that, the twins serve their biggest part to an episode that I have ever seen. To think I always thought they were useless. (more…)

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Episode Review: Blood-C 4

Really starting to like this anime than I thought I would. After you get used to the show, they start to bust out the unexpected things. With every passing episode the small things become important and some characters start to look bloody and suspicious. (more…)


Dexter Season 6 Poster: The Avenging Angel Returns

Just wanted to share this Dexter Season 6 picture, with you guys. Just a fan of Dexter and cannot wait to see this season. (more…)

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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 2

So Sacred Seven gave me a little background of what exactly is going on. Not saying it's the best story around but it is enough to make you keep watching for a while. Unfortunately, I cannot find a character to like for the kind of person they are. (more…)

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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 1

Although the first episode is not strong on story and it makes up for it for action. Do not be to fast to click to the next anime, this episode and hopefull every other sucks you in once things get intense. This anime is brought to you by Bandai, the ones who brought you the "Gundam" series. (more…)

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Episode Review: Blood-C 3

I am finally getting used to this anime. With the third episode am I less disappointed. Even though a lot has yet to be revealed, the anime does give few details. As another day ends, Saya returns to her demon-slaying responsibilities. (more…)


Dragon Ball Z Comes to Blu-Ray

Almost a month late but so close to fall, I come with some news that all DBZ/PS3 fans should love....depending on how you take. (more…)


Fairy Tail Announces Entire ENGLISH Cast

"Fairy Tail", an anime based on a number guilds with many different magic users with formidable power. A show with an awesome anime and even greater manga is almost ready to release their English version. (more…)

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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 8

I get my first "filler" feeling" from "Kaze No Stigma". Although most of the episode starts look pointless for the plot toward the middle of the episode, there are still a few stuff you can pick up and enjoy. (more…)

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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 7

Man, if all water magic users can do stuff like in this episode, I may be impressed. Unfortunately, that wish is very unlikely. Kazuma teams up with Ayano and Ren to take on the culprit fueling Misao's action. Who is this new enemy they speak of? (more…)

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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 6

After seeing what fire and wind can do, I can't say I'm too impressed by the power of water next. With the events in this episode, water is about to have its big debut. (more…)

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Episode Review: Blood-C 2

First episode, it was okay to just introduce everybody, but if this anime does not give me a story very soon, I might just end up switching to another anime. Although the fights are nice, it's not worth having all these questions and no answers. (more…)

Final Impressions

Final Impressions: Break Blade

The end to my favorite anime in a long time has come. With "Break Blade" being a must see anime, I give it its last review. It's the best of animes that end so quickly. (more…)