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31 Days of Video Games: Day 23

It doesn't take national approval to see that games are indeed art. While some "respected" critic who’s only form of rating is a thumb may disagree, anyone who actually takes an open-minded look at any video game will see that art is involved in any and all games. The question posed today is which game had the best art style? I’m going to narrow this down to our current generation of games and go with Prince of Persia.   When I first heard of the reboot I was more than excited for the free running game play but then I took a look at the screens and I was stunned. It was a completely different Prince with a whole new style. At first I was put off by it (similar to the Wind Waker reaction) but then I watched videos and it started to grow on me. By the time I was actually playing I was completely immersed in the game.   Let’s start with the menu screen. There’s no 3d model to speak of its simply concept art...


31 Days of Video Games: Day 22

Now-a-days it seems like every game has a number after it. With the ever expanding sea of sequels, sadly there are some that end up being worse than their predecessor. And that’s what we’re dealing with today, Most Disappointing Sequel. The biggest let down in recent memory comes from a series with legions of fans, spanning movies, television, clothing, and videogames. I’m talking about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.   Now the first game put you in control of Starkiller, Vader’s secret apprentice. He has a masterful control of the Force and that put you in a wonder place as the player. You feel powerful. You feel like a Jedi or Sith (depending on how you play). I was well received by fans so the sequel had a lot of pressure on it. Kinda hard to top that...   Unfortunately, it fell pretty flat. The story was weak if it was even there, there were a few tech issues that didn’t need to be there, and th...


31 Days of Video Games: Day 18

What's going on guys? James here with day 18 of our 31 Days of Video Games. Today we're going to talk about my favorite Protagonist. I think back across my pass games and I remember all of the epic adventures they've spawned. So many characters I thought the choice would be impossible but as I booted up Wind Waker to finally beat, it hit me...Link.   So I'm sure you are wondering "What makes Link your favorite protagonist?" Think back on the names Link has received: "The Hero of Time", "The Hero of Winds", and "The Hero Chosen by Gods". I cant think of anyone else holding one of those titles never mind all THREE. He is also bearer of one of the most recognizable gaming symbols ever, the Triforce of Courage. When you can’t go through a geometry class without thinking of Link, he’s obviously doing something right. Speaking of recognition, Link has undergone quite a few different looks throughout his career. From t...


31 Days of Video Games: Day 11

  Gameplay can take any game with a very lackluster story, horrible characters, worthless or even non-existent voice acting and make it a must play title. (more…)


The 10 Most Patriotic Game Characters of All Time

In commemoration of Independence Day, we here at MediaBeast would like to bring you our most patriotic video game characters. This list will consist of all of the top characters that depict all of the honor and glory that is Patriotism. Lets get to it . 10. Optimus Prime Optimus just screams freedom. The Red , White (Chrome), and Blue paint job, his since of justice for all, his natural leadership and well the fact that his motto is "Freedom is the right for all sentient beings". Ive never seen a more Patriotic robot ever. 9. Bionic Commando (Original) No matter how much localization tried to change the name, Spencer was fighting Nazi's not Badd and well America seems to have not great joy than taking out Nazi's (looking at you Call of Duty). Seeing as how you play the guy who's going into to kill Hitler  and save the national hero, Super Joe, that automatically makes you more Patriotic. 8. Duke Nukem Ah yes the Duk...


Seth McFarlane to reboot…the Flintstones?

  Seth McFarlane has gotten the tv and film licenses to the Flintstones and planst s on bringing the show back to Fox. I'm not sure how I feel about this.   [source]


Scalade’s R.T.S.

As much as we love our media here at MediaBeast, most of it is fictional, I’ve never seen a plumber run so far, fights dragons and save a princess, nowhere in our mythology books is there a mention of Kratos, and lets face it, the Halo Spartans defy the laws of physics. So with that said I thought a fresh dose or reality would be good. Welcome to my R.T.S. or Real Type Sh!t. The other night our President confirmed the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the leader behind the 9/11 attacks. That was about 10 years ago so I was sitting at nice young age of 10. They say you’ll never forget where you were that day and I’m no exception. I was in school actually just starting class when it happened. I remember my headmaster coming over the loud speaker and telling us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All we knew was that classes were going to continue as usual, nothing about an attack, nothing about deaths. So for maybe the first day I really didn’t know ...


Scalade’s R.T.S: Download Games

While I was waiting on my car, I started thinking, “What game do I want to play when I get home?” (more…)