First Impressions

First Impressions: Kaze No Stigma

Here's the overall review of the first few episodes of Kaze No Stigma. This anime kicks it off at a great start and excels for many reasons. (more…)


Check Out This New Anime: Thundercats Episode 1-2

Deciding to take a crack at an Anime Review for once. Today I will be reviewing the very 1st episode of the revamped Thundercats Series is currently shown on Cartoon Network. HOOOOOOOOOO! (more…)

Anime Reviews

First Impressions: X-Men

After the first few episodes of "X-men", the real question is, "Should you bother watching the rest of the episodes? Is this anime worth your time?" Well guess what. MEDIABEAST has your answer. (more…)


First Impressions: Control: The Money of Soul and Possibility

MediaBeast is highly impressed by this highly relatable anime. If you're broke, in college, and working two jobs, monry is your best friend and worst enemy. See what we think as Kimimaro Yoga is introduced with a risky way to get all the money in the world with an interesting cost. (more…)


First Impressions: Hidan no Aria

Some animes are just there to be there. They are just something to watch when you are a little desperate. Welcome to the world of "Hidan no Aria" (more…)


First Impressions: Freezing

Here's a not so new anime that deserves major respect, depending on why you like it. Children beware. [caption id="attachment_1737" align="aligncenter" width="246" caption="Would you believe she only eats burgers?"][/caption] (more…)


First Impressions: Deadman Wonderland

Anime doesn't get as twisted as this anymore. See what we think of the first few episodes. (more…)


First Impressions:Blue Exorcist

We take our first look and give opinions on the new anime "Blue Exorcist". This article is based on the first few episodes of this series. (more…)