Sony’s new take on its “Social Network”

Its like the social network, but with video games. (more…)


Toys R Us Xbox One Video Removed Due To Comments

          This is why we can't have nice things. (more…)


Sony Unveils New Headset

Sony announces new HMZ headset to jump into the VR race. (more…)


The Future Of Gaming Is In Our Hands

As gamers all around the world now know what the future of gaming has in store, it is up to us to decide its faith.  With Microsoft and Sony going in different directions, it is up to us to let the world know how we want to play our games. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3, has recently passed and I might just say it was the best E3 to date.  I am not going to rate how well the conferences did because that is not what this article is about.  Instead, I want to talk to you guys about how you may want to choose carefully on which console to purchase. Microsoft and Sony both revealed their consoles at different dates.  Plenty of rumors surrounded both consoles, some became true and some were false.  Unfortunately, one of the worst rumors about the next Xbox became true. Microsoft's Xbox One has policies in place that do not exactly benefit the gamers around the world.  With the Xbox One, you will have to have some sort...


“The Evolution of Playstation” Press Conference is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for Sony.  Speculation has Sony revealing the PS4 as their main event but what else could they show?  Vita Heaven 2.0 was just a couple of days ago (and a huge disappointment for the most part) so there is a possibility that a couple of Vita things could be thrown in the mix.  After all, PS4 and Vita integration is one of their selling points.   What do you guys expect to be showcased tomorrow?  Are you excited that Sony is going to start the next gen propaganda?


Is The RPG Genre Dying?

It seems like they day of the Role Playing Game (or RPG) is dwindling to a close.  One look at the top of the gaming charts and you will see action or shooting games like Call of Duty dominating the charts.  Albeit, Pokemon (an RPG) is #1 but that does not count.  I mean, we are talking about Pokemon here, the biggest thing since canned bread in Canada.  Other than Pokemon, there are barely any titles in the top 50 that one could call an RPG. You can break down RPGs into two categories: Western RPG and Japanese RPG (aka jRPG).  Western RPGs are self-explanatory.  Those are simply RPGs that were made for a western audience and are more closely involved with action/adventure.  Examples of the Western RPG include, but are not restricted to, games like Mass Effect, Deus Ex, Fallout, and the Elder Scrolls.  The jRPG could be described as RPGs made for the eastern audience.  The characteristics of the jRPG would be (but not restricted t...


Sorry To Keep You Waiting V2

We Are finally back!!! (more…)


Expand your Pallet

Recently I had a chat with some of the guys in MediaBeast and the topic of motion controllers, and I realized something about gamers. We are picky people....It's sometimes worse than my aunt trying to feed my 2 year old cousin.   I look at gaming like food. Some food you might have to get an acquired taste to enjoy it. Or sometimes if you eat one type of food, like organic food, it may be hard to turn back to junk food, because you feel that it is the right food to eat. On the other hand you have people who only eat "healthy" food and when someone with junk food comes along then that person just won't eat it, hell they might look down on people who don't eat the food that they eat. I feel that sometimes you might want to eat that bag of potato chips every so often. Treat your self to something different. You shouldn't eat only one food group, that's why we have a food pyramid. Oh wait they changed it...

Impluse of The Week

Impulse of The Week: Sonic Steam Sale Weekend

Steam got me again... Damn It... I think my impulsion started with me finding out about steam.... Let me go back and remember....   This past weekend Steam put all of their Sonic games on sale. I already picked up Sonic Generations this past Holiday Steam sale. I got Sonic Generations and Bastion for 15 bucks. Yeah that's a full retail game and one of the best indie games of 2011 for 15 dollars. Oh and if you're not american here is the conversions for you. 15 Dollars in US currency = 11.5253 EURO 9.63642 GBP [British Pound] 14.2576 AUD [Australian Dollar] 751.238 INR [Indian Rupee] 1,154.86 JPY [Japanese Yen]   So, I'm hoping you get it now. I'm loving that I can get these classic games for so cheap. Now before you tell me,"Ha look at this noob, he could have totally pirated the game for free". And I reply to this by saying. F*** you! I'd rather support the gaming industry by paying ...


PSVita and PS3 3DTV Hands On Impressions

With the PSVita being released next year, we  recently had a chance to try it out at Discovery Mills. Three of us at MediaBeast met up to check it out and give our impressions on the PSVita and the PS3 3DTV. When we met up we were asked "Oh so are you interested in our new handheld? Let me talk to you guys about its features". And that's when we all in unison looked at the guy and told him," Oh WE KNOW about the Vita". The guy then looked at us like...   Right now Arec and I will give our impressions now and Josh will give his impressions during the GPR Year in Review episode.   Chris Blackhorn:   With Apple taking over the handheld market, the question I 've been getting recently been getting is "Should I buy an iPad or wait for the PSVita?" While the iPad is a great device, the iPad is not a gaming device. If you are a gamer or if you are buying for a gamer,then the PSVita will be the d...


Impulse of the Week – Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011

Hello everyone, and I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday season so far.  I have been a frequent visitor of the website Cheap Ass Gamer for quite some time now and there was this one deal that I just could not pass up.  That is right, you guessed it.  I bought Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011.  It might not be the best game, but, for $4.99 ($4.99 for PS3, $7.99 for Xbox360/Wii), how could I pass it up?  I mean, why not and that was exactly what I told myself.  I did not want to wait for it to be shipped to my house so I drove down to my local Best Buy and there was only one copy of this bad boy left.  I snatched it up and went on my way to the cash register.  When I told the guy that this was $4.99, his exact words were "What?  Hell no, that can't be right.  Damn, $4.99?" I just smiled and said, "Yup, $4.99." I can tell you guys that I probably will not be playing this game any time soon.  Maybe when I get bored or want t...


My Thoughts On Battlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3

Now that MW3 is finally out I am constantly being asked “What game is better, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3?” Well here is my verdict…. THEY ARE BOTH FUN GAMES!   I believe that competition is a great thing, hell who does not love a good fight? Coke vs. Pepsi, Red Sox vs. Yankees, LeBron VS Getting a Championship... oh wait, sheeeeeeet I took it too far.... Competition keeps developers on their toes and makes them make us great games. I commend DICE and EA for trying to step up to the plate to try to de-rail Call of Duty from the FPS throne. Even though DICE stopped trash talking once Battlefield rolled around, all is forgiven, I love your game DICE. Despite having a messy open beta and having over 2 million people playing pirated copies opening week, Battlefield has won over a big crowd of gamers who are feeling gaming fatigue from the CoD series. By focusing on objective based gameplay, destructible enviro...


Impulse of the Week

I have a problem. (more…)


The Wii U – Did They Jump The Gun?

Nintendo has a history of being the last to reveal a console; however, being last, luckily, has not hindered their sales.  On June 7, 2011, Nintendo became the first company to announce their next generation system, the Wii U.  Aside from the horrible name of the system, Nintendo boasted about how this system was much more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360, how it is now capable of 1080p graphics, and a touchscreen controller they you can use to play your games on.  What made them want to make a new system so fast?  The fact that people were complaining about how the Wii catered to the casual audience and was not a system for hardcore gamers despite being the best selling console of the generation.  With that said, Nintendo hopes to lure back its hardcore gamers with the Wii U. Now, I am excited with what the Wii U has to bring to the table but I honestly think that they are pushing the system out a little too fast.  We have ...


Don’t Over Hype Yourself This Fall

Sometimes you might just have to take a break. (more…)


Random Thought About Gaming “Journalism”

Notice I used the quotations.  (more…)


Get Ready To Start Shopping Online More Often

Recently GameStop pulled free OnLive Deus Ex codes out of its new packaging, and then claimed that they don't want to promote another service because they were planning on starting their own. It's clear that everyone is now looking into getting their feet wet in the digital distribution market. (more…)


Deals Of The Week: 8/14/11- 8/20/11

A ton of people may have just dropped $170 on a 3DS(or in my case $0.00), now its time to find some cheap games to go with our system.  (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 30

Hey guys, today's award will be going to the game with the "Greatest Boss Fight of All Time"  Now I'm going to cheat a bit on this one but I believe most of you will agree that this game definitely deserves this award. (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 29

Gettin down to the final days of the month, but there are a few awards left to give out! Today's award will be going to the "Game you though you wouldn't like, but ended up loving" Long name? Sure. But the game I chose well deserves it. (more…)