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http://media.blubrry.com/mediabeast/p/mediabeast.net/podcasts/shows/e3show17.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Android | RSS Intro E3 thoughts Microsoft-8:24-40:26 Sony-40:27-1:06:07 Nintendo-1:06:08...


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The Wii U – Did They Jump The Gun?

Nintendo has a history of being the last to reveal a console; however, being last, luckily, has not hindered their sales.  On June 7, 2011, Nintendo became the first company to announce their next generation system, the Wii U. ...


NBA 2K12 Review

Could this year’s iteration of the NBA 2K series be the best basketball game ever?  Or were the new “improvements” detrimental to the game? With the NBA lockout possibly destroying the chances of another NBA s...


Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Maken-Ki 1

MEDIABEASt looks at Maken-Ki for the first time. Unfortunately, it only seems like it’s a second rate “Freezing”. Aside from that, it looks like another predictable ecchi. Lucky for this anime, the action look...

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Ben-To 1

I’ve heard of fighting over food but I don’t think I’ve seen it as intense as this. Mediabeast watches the first episode of Ben-To and may just be tuning into the next.


Deals of the Week: 10/9-10/15

I got some deals for you!  Take a look at some steals of the week.  Unfortunately, it seems like this week is kind of slow, but take a gander anyway. Just Dance 3 (Xbox 360 Kinect/Wii)- $34.99 50% off the following games with p...