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SIPT Episode 3

Chris and Rod are back with another episode of Should I Play That! http://media.blubrry.com/mediabeast/p/mediabeast.net/podcasts/shows/SIPTEP3.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed


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Expand your Pallet

Recently I had a chat with some of the guys in MediaBeast and the topic of motion controllers, and I realized something about gamers. We are picky people….It’s sometimes worse than my aunt trying to feed my 2 year o...

App of The Week

App of The Week: Sleep Cycle

We all hate waking up for school or work after a great or terrible night of gaming with your buddies or playing with that guy that calls you a homo for using the USAS-12. Waking up in the morning sucks. This semester I’m ...


Video Game Reviews

What is… The Hype Review Series

What is the Hype Review System? This is MediaBeast’s new video review system on YouTube. What we are trying to do with this new review series is capture the excitement or disappointment that a gamer typically has with a g...

Box Office Numbers

Weekend Box Office Numbers January 27-29th

Who said that movies in January can’t do well in the box office?   This Week’s Top Ten   1. The Grey-$20,000,000 2. Underworld Awakening-$12,500,000 3. One for the Money-$11,750,000 4. Red Tails- $10,400,000 5. ...

Impluse of The Week

Impulse of The Week: Sonic Steam Sale Weekend

Steam got me again… Damn It… I think my impulsion started with me finding out about steam…. Let me go back and remember….   This past weekend Steam put all of their Sonic games on sale. I already pi...